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15th Annual Bull Sale Coming up March 29th

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15th Annual Spady     Bull Sale
Thursday, March 29th

1:30 pm at Rivercrest Ranch

Selling: 120 Black Angus Bulls

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Hope to see you there!


Bull Sale Info


If you’re unable to attend the sale, we have a fully guaranteed sight unseen plan.  Just give us a call and we will discuss what you’re looking for and do our best to meet your specific needs, but you will have the final decision.  Any purchases made in this manner will be 100% guaranteed for customer satisfaction. 


We offer a GREAT volume buyer discount.  2 bulls = 2% discount, 3 bulls = 3% discount, 4 bulls a maximum discount of 5% if you buy 5 or more bulls.


We offer a $100 discount for those who take their bulls home sale day or pick them up within a week.  Or we will arrange delivery of the bulls within a 500 km radius, free of charge. We recommend all purchases, that are to be delivered, be insured.


All bulls are vet inspected and semen tested prior to sale.  Fertility and satisfaction guaranteed.



Next Annual Bull Sale Coming up March 29th, 2018

Hope to see you all at our next bull sale coming up March 29th.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call Craig at 403-740-4978.


Annual Spady Bull Sale Results March 30th 2017

The largest crowd yet turned out for our 14th Annual Sale.  We were blessed with good weather and a great crowd.  Friends, family, repeat buyers and new customers joined us for another successful sale.  Thank you to Mel Sisson of Ridgedale, Saskatchewan for purchasing our high seller, Lot 1 - Rivercrest Factor CSP 12D, for $13,500.  Thank you to MW Ranching for being our high volume buyer and taking home ten good bulls.  Thank you to all our bidders and buyers, and thank you to all our helpers and supporters who helped out sale day.  Whitney Bosovich with DLMS joined our sale for the first time this year and helped sell 7 great bulls through online bidding, including 15 bidders during the sale and over 150 viewers.  Great success for our first year offering the online bids!

14th Annual Spady Sale Results:

  • Gross sales of $430,150
  • 94 bulls sold - 89 yearlings and 5 two-year olds
  • Sale average of $4,576.06
  • Yearlings sale average - $4,574.72
  • Two-year olds sale average - $4,600.00
  • High seller - $13,500 Lot 1 - Rivercrest Factor CSP 12D
  • Top ten bulls averaged $7,050

Rivercrest Sale Results:

  • Gross sales of $224,550
  • 44 yearling bulls sold
  • Sale average of $5,103.41
  • High seller - $13,500 Lot 1 - Rivercrest Factor CSP 12D

River Valley Sale Results:

  • Gross sales of $28,700
  • 7 yearling bulls sold
  • Sale average of $4,100
  • High seller - $5,000 Lot 56 - River Valley Darkhorse 15D