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2018 Sale Results

Well this spring has been a bit chilly, but we had a nice bright sunny day for our sale and enjoyed a great crowd!  Thanks to everyone who came out to our sale; all bidders, buyers, family and friends. We had another strong sale, selling 97 bulls averaging $4413 overall. Jamie-Lee’s bull, Lot #3 Rivercrest Tour Duty 37E, topped the sale bringing $10,000 selling to Deer Hill Ridge Angus and Derek Moorehead.  The top ten bulls averaged $7094.  Thanks to all our repeat buyers and customers. Special thanks to Laidlaw Ranches for being our volume buyer taking home 8 good Rivercrest bulls. DLMS online bidding was also a success with 19 bulls being sold online. And thanks again to all our cattle bosses behind the chutesMichelle for the great meal, for all the ladies who made squares, Durabull for the panels, Max for the skidsteer, Cliff and Tom for the hospitality. We appreciate all the support from our families and friends.  Look forward to seeing you all again next year but ordering a warmer spring!!

Sale Results:  97 black angus bulls sold averaging $4413

  • 11 two yr olds sold averaging $4,675 
  • 86 yearlings sold averaging $4,388


  • 43 yearling bulls sold averaging $4,563  
  • Top 10 Rivercrest bulls averaged $6,450

Catalog, Photos & Videos Available - Annual Bull Sale March 29th, 2018


SALE ORDER - Check out our 4 lead off bulls Lot 13, 2, 3 & 6

Sale Lot Photos are shown below (with EPDs if you hover mouse over photo) and video links to the right.  Also check out our catalog and let us know if have any questions.  Call Craig at 403-740-4978. 

*Note there are a few corrections from the printed catalog as per below.  Refer to the online catalog (click sale catalog pic) for updated version.

Lot 4 - Rivercrest Ten Speed 7E:  BW: 72 lbs  Adj 205: 657 lbs   205 Index: 100  BW+2.4  WW+54  YW+106  Milk+20  TM+47  CE+3.0  MCE+7.5  

Sept 22 WW - 800lbs  Jan 25 Wt. - 1220 lbs 

Dam 14X: 5 Males - Avg BW 85lbs  WW Ratio 95; 2 Females - Avg BW 74lbs WW Ratio 100

Lot 13 - Rivercrest Boulder 19E:  BW: 75 lbs  Adj 205: 696 lbs  205 Index: 100  BW+1.5  WW+53  YW+99  Milk+27  TM+54  CE+4.0  MCE+9.0 

Sept 22 WW - 820 lbs  Jan 25 Wt. - 1200 lbs 

Dam 37Y:  2 Males - Avg BW 72 lbs  WW Ratio 104; 2 Females - Avg BW 86 lbs  WW Ratio 94

Ref Sire E - Musgrave Boulder Pedigree: 


Sale Lot Photos - Click on photo to enlarge and hover mouse over photo for EPDs